Creating Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences for every project, with any budget!
Kanousei Middle East FZ LLE

Kanousei Middle East FZ LLE

Technology / Marketing / Creative

We craft experiences that transcend traditional story telling. Our focus on human-computer interactions continually redefines our ability to support your creative needs. We pioneer new levels of Immersive eXperiences (IX) utilising virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, blended with traditional design and communication techniques. Our team has successfully delivered projects spanning many industries, including:

– Virtual reality walk-through experiences for the banking sector.
– Multiple solutions for learning/education incorporating new technology.
– Increase buyer confidence in real estate with solutions that build stakeholder knowledge/awareness.
– Artificial intelligence at multiple deployment stages for various stakeholders
– Changing the way the fashion industry communicates and builds brand loyalty.
– Advances in technology that allows for better optimizations for highly skilled users such as operating theatres.

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