#LaunchDays2019 Talks

#LaunchDays2019 Talks


“…Every business is different. The skill that you need to run my business and the skill that you need to run his or her business are different. One skill we learn as we grow is how to connect and deal with people, and how to motivate them…”

“…When I came to UAE, my first project was to build a website for budget car rentals. I realized that all these other car rental companies do a lot but they are very traditional. They are not digital. Digital is a mindset. With final rentals, we bring that digital mindset. So you can go online, book a car, and collect it in a streamlined end to end process. That’s the motivation behind @FinalRentals….”

“…UAE has changed a lot in the last few years. Now we have incubators and accelerators. You can go to these places, pitch your idea, and they will help you incorporate your business cheaply. They can also give you the initial marketing push as the ‘new startup on the block’. As a startup, you can find these incorporation and launch hacks to help you get to the next level. Have a look at these things first instead of going for the traditional way of setting up your business…”

- Ammar Akhtar, Founder and CEO of Final Rentals

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