Workshop++: Intro to Entrepreneurship

Workshop++: Intro to Entrepreneurship

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On 23 November we kicked off our first collaboration with one of the most inspiring change-makers in the community, Level Up, hosting ‘Intro to Entrepreneurship’ — a panel discussion with Simran Chowdhry, Co-Founder of Bluephin Technologies and Omar Bin Brek, Founder and CEO of Foloosi, moderated by Shams Al-Attar of Smashi TV!

Deciding how much equity to offer your startup’s team members can be confusing and easy to get wrong. Each startup is different, and each person joins in a different situation. There's just no one-size-fits-all rule! To make good decisions, you’ll need to understand the considerations.

How big do you want your startup to become, and how fast do you want to get there? Not every startup need to play the VC game. Founders need to have clarity on these questions early on. Most of them are too eager to raise funding without having the groundwork in place.

“If they share the startup belief with you then it is important to have them in the team with strong shares.” - Omar

"Should VCs invest in ten startups hoping one will become a 'unicorn'? or invest in ten 'zebras' that are inclusive, more sustainable, and there's more of? - Simran

“It doesn't matter how much percentage of the company you own in your first startup. You're the one who's going to do the talks, you're the one who's going to be in the news and magazines, and it's you who people will trust and invest in whether you decide to work on another startup or do whatever because they know you can do it." - Omar

“Your hustle is you, you define your story. Leverage every opportunity that comes your way and whatever you decide to do, just make sure to give it your 100%.” - Simran

HOW much equity should you offer your startup's team members and investors? Should you bootstrap or try to raise venture funding for your early-stage startup? What are the pros and cons?

Comment below to join the conversation, have your say on the subject matter, or ask questions!

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